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Dana Gorzelany-Mostak
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Assistant Professor of Music
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Georgia College
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Dana Gorzelany-Mostak is an Assistant Professor of Music at Georgia College. She holds a PhD in musicology from McGill University, and she has taught courses on the history of western music, opera in the 21st century, music and politics, music since 1900, popular music, and historiography. Her research explores various facets of American musical culture—the role of popular songs in presidential campaigns, the reception of music prodigies in the age of reality television, and the untold history of music performance on the “freak” show stage in the 19th century. Additional research interests include opera and popular culture, public musicology, and music entrepreneurship. Gorzelany-Mostak has received the Mark Tucker Award from the Society for American Music and the Peter Narvaez Memorial Student Paper Prize from the International Association for the Study of Popular Music-Canada for her work on the intersection of politics and music in the 2008 campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Her research on presidential candidates’ use of Spotify in 2012 appears in the most recent issue of Music & Politics. Forthcoming articles will appear in the Journal of the Society for American Music and the collection Voicing Girlhood in Popular Music (Routledge).


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