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Elizabeth Castaldo Lunden
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Ph.D Candidate
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Stockholm University
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Elizabeth is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Fashion Studies (IMS) at Stockholm University. Her dissertation is a historical account of the Academy Awards’ red carpet phenomenon and the mediation of fashion in relation to the Oscars. She holds an MA in Cinema Studies from the Stockholm University, Graduate studies in Psychology, Marketing and Public Opinion from Universidad de Buenos Aires, and a BA in Public Relations from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (Licenciada en Relaciones P├║blicas).

She worked as a PR in the entertainment and advertising industries for 10 years, in charge of media relations, branding and product development within the music industry. At Stockholm University, she lectured in consumer culture, archival research as a qualitative method, fashion and film. Before joining Stockholm University, Elizabeth lectured and coordinated workshops in Art history, Cutlural history II, and Creative writing during four years at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (U.A.D.E), for students in Public Relations, Journalism, advertising, fashion design, graphic design, and marketing.

She is the editorial assistant of Popular Communication, the International Journal of Media and Culture. She was a visiting researcher at the USC`s School of Cinematic Arts. In 2014, she discovered costume designer Jacques Fonteray┬┤s archive, and was the first schoalr to conduct research on this material. Since then, she has been in extensive conversations with his familiy to acknowledge the importance of preserving this material as cultural legacy, in order to make it accessible to scholars around the world.

Language proficency: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish.


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