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Felix Brinker
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Graduate School of North American Studies, Free University of Berlin
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Felix Brinker is a doctoral candidate at the Graduate School of North American Studies at the Free University of Berlin, Germany, as well as an associate member of the DFG Research Unit “Popular Seriality – Aesthetics and Practice.” He is currently in the early stages of preparing his PhD-thesis —tentatively titled “Towards a Critical Aesthetics of Popular Seriality in the Age of Digital Convergence: Transmedial Superhero Serials in Contemporary American Film and Television”—which engages with serial storytelling in contemporary film and television, as well as with the political dimensions of increased audience activity, and which will look at the recent wave of cinematic and televisual takes on the comic book superhero. His research interests include popular culture, studies of seriality, contemporary American film and television, media studies, Frankfurt school critical theory, post- operaist theory, and conspiracy theories.


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