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Gregory Steirer is Assistant Professor of English and Film Studies at Dickinson College. His research focuses on the impact of technological and economic changes on the production and consumption processes surrounding old and new media forms. He is particularly interested in intersections between traditional aesthetic theory, economics, and production culture. Greg’s current book-length project, Narrative Inc., looks at big-brand media franchises and the changes they have wrought to traditional processes of narrative creation and consumption. His work has appeared in Postmodern Culture, The International Journal of Comic Art, Women and Performance, ImageText, and the Salem Press Encyclopedia of Graphic Novels, and is forthcoming in Connected Viewing: Selling, Sharing, and Streaming Media in a Digital Age (eds. Jennifer Holt and Kevin Sanson; Routledge, 2013). He has taught classes on Shakespeare, film history, realism, television, audio culture, world literature, and narratology. Greg received his Ph.D. in English and Cinema Studies from the University of Pennsylvania in 2010.


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