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Kayley Thomas is a PhD student and instructor in the English Department at the University of Florida, where she studies film and media and Victorian literature and culture. Her research interests revolve around popular audiences and readers, adaptation and intertextuality, paratexts, the 1890s, crime fiction, SF/F and horror, queer theory, and masculinities. She teaches courses on professional and academic writing, film and media, and literature.


Kayley will have two essays featured in the forthcoming collection, Sherlock Holmes in the Twenty-First Century, to be published by McFarland in 2012: “‘Bromance is So Passé’: Robert Downey, Jr.’s Queer Paratexts” and, co-written with UF colleague Francesca Marinaro, “‘Don’t Make People Into Heroes, John’: (Re/De)Constructing the Detective as Hero.”


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