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Sarah Artt
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Lecturer in English and Film
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Edinburgh Napier University
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I am Lecturer in English and Film at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland. I am Programme Leader for the BA in English and Film. I have research interests in: screen adaptation (beyond fidelity criticism), silence in the cinema (ie. the use of silence to convey meaning) , women on screen (television: especially Orange is the New Black, Girls, Top of the Lake , The Fall), and Neo-Victorian fictions (print and screen ie. The Journal of Dora Damage, Penny Dreadful ). My teaching specialisms are genre in contemporary Hollywood Cinema, contemporary science fiction (especially Margaret Atwood and William Gibson), science fiction film and television (especially Under the Skin, Black Mirror and Battlestar Galactica), and graphic narrative memoirs. My recent publications include: ‘The Postfeminist Tart: Neo-Victorian Villainy and Sex Work’, in Ripper Street: Neo-Victorian Villainy: Adaptation and Reinvention on Page, Stage and Screen, ed. Benjamin Poore (Rodopi, 2015)


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