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Fall Pilots 2014, Second Report Card

Continuing with my reviews of the class of 2014 …


The Sitcoms ... read more »

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Doctor Who talk at UMF!

I’ll be presenting my Doctor Who fan video talk at UMF, Emery Community Arts Center, Performance Space, on Wednesday, October 29, 2014, from 11:45a to 1p.

Check out the great poster! Hope to see you there.

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Taste Privilege and GamerGate

[I know this has been a dormant site for months, and I have a draft post called “Too Busy to Blog” explaining why & what I’ve been up to, but I’ve not had time to finish it! But I just had some thoughts that are TLFT (too long for Twitter) that I wanted to throw out there. So here you go…] ... read more »

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Banning Grad Student Publications: Dumb and Dangerous

Yesterday I read an open letter to journal editors at The Chronicle of Higher Education that proposes that they all ban publication by graduate students. The idea is that this would put an end to the crazy fervor facing ABDs on the market who feel the need to have published a lot already. I really, really don’t like the proposal, not just because of the (lack of) merits of the idea itself but because of what it suggests and implies about grad school, publishing, and publications. So I’m responding. ... read more »

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Fall Pilots, 2014: Midterm Report

new-tv-oAkh. Again it’s been a long time since I blogged. But such is life. Onward: ... read more »

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@Berkeley@UIL@Academia 2014

Granted, it took me awhile to watch Frederick Wiseman‘s 2013 At Berkeley, but @4hrs I’m sure you’ll understand the special nature of this commitment. While I love early Wiseman (Titticut Follies, High School), I had come to grow a bit weary of his feint of detachment barely disguising a sometimes snickering, often disdainful, if always ideologically-correct view of contemporary institutions. ... read more »

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My position paper for the Flow conference: Zizek and Media Studies

For this panel I’d like to look at the relevance to media studies of three ideas associated with the work of Slavoj Zizek: cynical reason, apocalypse as utopia, and the theological turn. As I started putting this paper together, I realized that Zizek himself is actually not the originator of any of the three concepts, […]

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Studying, Teaching and Publishing on YouTube

I was recently interviewed by Julia Fernandez for the Library of Congress’ blog: The Signal. It was a pretty cool platform in which to be able to talk abut my problems with YouTube as an “archive” and otherwise. The interview begins like this: ... read more »

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Wrapping Up Ev-ent-anglement 1

On August 27, 2014 I gave a live “talk” at the Noise Summer Seminar in Utrecht. ... read more »

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I Feel Uncomfortable

I am sitting in my charming garret room in a beautiful European city. Meanwhile, colleagues and students begin to wrap up the proceedings at the Noise Summer school in which I have been an active participant for the past three packed days. ... read more »