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Access Denied, Internet Dark: Technology, Prison, Education

On Sunday, April 5, an invaluable opinion piece was published in the New York Times: “Help Us Learn in Prison” by John J. Lennon. An inmate at Attica Correctional Facility in New York, Lennon makes a nuanced request about education and technology within the American prison. He considers why inmates are allowed and even encouraged to watch television all day while their access to the Internet is limited or more often than not prohibited. ... read more »

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Recent Work

-Here’s a book with a chapter I wrote, my first publication of original research to come from the project on early video games I have been working on for several years: “The Name of the Game is Jocktronics: Sport and Masculinity in Early Video Games,” in Playing to Win: Sports, Video Games, and the Culture of Play (ed. Robert Alan Brookey and Thomas P. Oates). ... read more »

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Why has TV storytelling become so complex?: A journalistic take

I was recently invited by The Conversation to write something for their site exploring some of the arguments of my new book for a general audience. I like reading The Conversation to see academics writing in a journalistic voice (something that some are better at than others) and support their embrace of CreativeCommons licensing and open republishing. ... read more »

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Complex TV has arrived!

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“As Fixed as a Bottle Entangled in a Mess of Sea Vegetable”

… I’m trying to steer clear of rabbit holes these days in order to get a book done, but this [ev-ent-anglement] seems different somehow. Like the time spent reading, learning, listening will be rewarded differently. But it also feels all the more dangerous for that.

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Learning from (Where) YouTube (Can’t Go): Inside-Out

Tamsyn Gilbert at New Criticals kindly invited me to write a piece about the changes in networked new media and feminist scholarship about it for the section of the publication called Lady Justice. I used this as an opportunity to revisit Learning from YouTube given that I’ll be teaching it again this spring with some interesting new twists and turns. The intro to the piece is here, and you can read my five provocations as well. ... read more »

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D.I.Y. Disciplinarity — (Dis)Assembling LEGO Studies For The Academy

I have two new book chapters out that I want to share. The first is an essay called “Lengthy Interactions with Hideous Men: Walter White and the Serial Poetics of Television Antiheroes,” published in a brand new anthology, Storytelling in the Media Convergence Age: Exploring Screen Narratives, edited by Roberta Pearson and Anthony Smith. ... read more »

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Recent Books on the Media Industries (2013-present)

Media Industries Books, 2013-2015

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Cable vs. Network: Mad Men and the Poetics of Television Narrative ...

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Visual Research Methods 2014

I had to do a little Internet research but it turns out that Fall 2014 was my sixth iteration of Visual Research Methods, taught once a year at CGU since 2010. The course changes as do I, as does the Internet, academia, and the visual. The books I teach have been swapped, versioned, and traded-out as I add new themes: Digital Humanities came in in 2012, Digital Storytelling became the Lambert version a bit after that. ... read more »