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Starting reflections on running and curating a small art gallery….

I started this blog 8 years ago in 2007, and in that time it has gone through many different identities – the main one being musings for when I was doing my PhD.  Since finishing the PhD in 2010 the blog has waned somewhat, and I have struggled to keep it sustained. ... read more »

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Speech given at the opening of the Roots photography exhibition at ...

Roots - Addishiwot Asfawossen- Fairfield House

Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I and Her Imperial Majesty Empress Menen Asfaw. ... read more »

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Best Stuff of 2014

This is not an organized or ranked list. This is a collection of the cultural things (mostly TV, but not exclusively) that I most loved in 2014, presented in alphabetical order. There are many things not on this list – they are absent because either I did not love them or I did not consume them. (If it is a movie, it’s probably the latter, as I saw almost no new films this year.) ... read more »

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Invitation to Participate in Ev-Ent-anglement 2: Delhi

I will (Re)Perform a Theory of Feminist Digital Praxis: Cutting Through the Noise of the Digital Self, on December 11, at 3pm (UTC+05:30) at Visible Evidence, Dehli.


By Alanna Thain from ev-ent-anglement 1, Utrecht. ... read more »

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Unanticipated Alternate Endings

At the end of our lively and sometimes charged conversations following the MOCA Grand Avenue screening of seven recent videos about HIV/AIDS, an audience member asked “What are the ‘Alternate Endings’?” Until this moment, the large, diverse, and inter-generational audience had primarily been embroiled in a complex dialogue about the role and forms of activism found or missing in both contemporary art and HIV/AIDS, as well as within the seven videos we had just viewed that were commissioned by Visual AIDS t ... read more »

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Big Data, Small Humanities

I attended the Claremont Graduate University’s Big Data, Better World? conference and wanted to make a small comment about the role of the humanities (and Digital Humanities) at that event, and more broadly in academia and ever, perhaps where academia presses against, speaks to, corrects, augments, and influences (and is influenced by) industry. ... read more »

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EduTech Horizons Singapore

My friend and colleague, Laura Wexler and I had the opportunity to present the DOCC at the EduTech Horizons workshop held  at the National University of Singapore for members of the International Association of Research Universities (IARU) of which Laura’s school, Yale, is a ... read more »

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Critical Paths for Theorizing the Digital in Higher Ed

I’ve just returned from a day-long Symposium, Theorising Technology in Digital Higher Education. ... read more »