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‘Ahead’ – photo from mobile phone.

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Needs must…!

‘Needs must….!’  Photo from mobile phone.



Quote from Tim Ingold‘s ‘The Perception of the Environment’. Routledge, (2000).  Pages 175 – 176 ... read more »

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Bath city the other day, dawn and dusk.

‘Bath city the other day, dawn and dusk – Photos from mobile phone

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RWA exhibition – 10th – 31st August 2014

For some reason I’m only now getting to advertise this on my own blog,  I have an exhibition with Angus Fraser at Royal West Academy Gallery (RWA), Bristol - 10th – 31st August 2014 (so only one week left!!) ... read more »

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Web Resources and Activities for Peace, 1: PALESTINEDOCS

Last Thursday, I received a group email from two European professors of cinema—Dina Iordanova, Professor of Global Cinema and Creative Cultures, University of St. ... read more »

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Watching Television in First-Year Composition

I’ve decided to revamp my first-year composition class to focus very broadly on the issue of “watching television.” The courses have already met once, so I likely can’t do any tweaking, but I would welcome any suggestions readers might have about assignments and readings that I might use in the future (and if anyone is interested in poaching ideas, feel free). I’ve designed this course with some specific institutional needs and contexts in mind, so I’ll explain those here and leave the weekly calendar for the class below the fold. ... read more »

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Worldcon talk 2014-08-18

Thanks to all who attended my Worldcon keynote, “Affirmational and Transformational Doctor Who Fan Videos.” I promised to link to the videos I showed, so here goes.

Censor clip

From “Fury From the Deep” (1968), with Oak and Quill launching a toxic gas attack against Maggie Harris. It may be found on the DW BBC DVD Lost in Time: Collection of Rare Episodes (2004). ... read more »

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AIDS Reruns: Becoming ‘Normal’?

Ted Kerr (formally of Visual AIDS) and I continue our conversation about recent AIDS media on the Indiewire blog, /Bent. In our discussion about The Normal Heart and other recent work, we bemoan the paucity of women as well as the feminist pro-sex politics that defined our early AIDS media activism. ... read more »

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Facebook, Peace, and Documentary

Last week, I used my own changing Facebook experiences during the gruesome Israel/Gaza conflict to think about the often unattended-to subtleties of Internet echo chambers in light of family, identity, friendship and war. ... read more »

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Trains As Precarious Worlds, from Snowpiercer to La Bestia