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Technology in the Classroom, Fall 2014

I’m tweaking my Technology in the Language Arts Curriculum course for the fall and would like to crowdsource some of the changes. I’ll be doing the course online this semester, which will likely change some of the assignments a little–more discussion boards, blog posts, and other “small” products–but I am also tying to think about (a) new tools for classroom use and (b) meta-level issues related to tech in the classroom. ... read more »

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To and From Facebook: Being Together in our World of War

Last week, I was sitting with a dear old friend on a shady deck. We were enjoying our summer vacation at his family’s beach house. Conversation turned to Israel/Gaza, and we commenced a now-too-familiar dance: judiciously floating tidbits of sentiment to mark each others position. ... read more »

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There are the things you know you ought to do, that are hard to do, in part because the “ought to” of them is pretty abstract, especially when they are surrounded by so many other pressing ... read more »

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Contemporary Hispanic Media Publics

A Panel Proposal for the 2015 SCMS Conference

In 2013, a milestone for Spanish-language broadcast in the United States was reached when Univision’s ratings beat some of the major networks in key demographics, signaling that, as audiences for English-language networks were in decline, those for Spanish-language networks were steadily on the rise. For decades, Hispanic constituencies have continuously increased in the American public. ... read more »

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Queer Feminist Media Praxis @Ada

In the conclusion of my conclusion to Ada’s Special Issue on Queer Feminist Media Praxis, “It’s Our Collective, Principled Making that Matter Most,” I write: ... read more »

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Yesterday was a lovely, quiet Saturday. I got up early, went through my morning routine, and then went for a walk in the park. ... read more »

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American Film History II, Summer 2014

Film 4960/Comm 6960, Summer 2014 Mondays & Wednesdays 1:50-4:20, Aderhold 324 Office: 25 Park Place South #1017 email: Twitter:  website:    Course Description How do movies reflect and influence American life? How has Hollywood shaped Americans’ image of the world, and the world’s view of Americans? What are the alternatives to Hollywood’s […]

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Reluctant Is Just the Word

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John Oliver on Net Neutrality

From what I’ve seen so far, John Oliver’s HBO show is brilliantly funny and insightful. This monologue on net neutrality is a perfect example of his ability to show why an arcane concept like net neutrality matters and why some of its biggest advocates are struggling to communicate this to a wider audience. The entire thirteen minutes is worth your time and Oliver even directs his audience on how to become involved in this issue by leaving comments on the FCC website. ... read more »

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Documentary, Service Learning, Video Annotation

In case you missed them elsewhere, here are a couple of recent publications where I discuss my Introduction to Film and Visual Literacy course, which I have revamped into a class focusing on documentary ethics In the course, students watch documentaries, and we discuss them, in part, in relationship to ethical principles. The course also includes a service-learning component, in which my students create short documentaries about a local community group. Here are the articles: ... read more »