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American Film History II, Summer 2014

Film 4960/Comm 6960, Summer 2014 Mondays & Wednesdays 1:50-4:20, Aderhold 324 Office: 25 Park Place South #1017 email: Twitter:  website:    Course Description How do movies reflect and influence American life? How has Hollywood shaped Americans’ image of the world, and the world’s view of Americans? What are the alternatives to Hollywood’s […]

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Reluctant Is Just the Word

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John Oliver on Net Neutrality

From what I’ve seen so far, John Oliver’s HBO show is brilliantly funny and insightful. This monologue on net neutrality is a perfect example of his ability to show why an arcane concept like net neutrality matters and why some of its biggest advocates are struggling to communicate this to a wider audience. The entire thirteen minutes is worth your time and Oliver even directs his audience on how to become involved in this issue by leaving comments on the FCC website. ... read more »

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Documentary, Service Learning, Video Annotation

In case you missed them elsewhere, here are a couple of recent publications where I discuss my Introduction to Film and Visual Literacy course, which I have revamped into a class focusing on documentary ethics In the course, students watch documentaries, and we discuss them, in part, in relationship to ethical principles. The course also includes a service-learning component, in which my students create short documentaries about a local community group. Here are the articles: ... read more »

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The Royal Society and the Profession of Knowledge

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MCSI Technology: Wrap Up

This spring was my first attempt to helm the Munroe Center for Social Inquiry’s Speaker’s Series. This year’s theme was Technology. The Center also runs a seminar connected to the series, so each week, a small group of student-fellows also got the chance to engage intimately with the Center’s renowned visitors. ... read more »

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Home Video Returns: Media Ecologies of the Past of HIV/AIDS in Cineaste

Please see my conversation with Ted Kerr, Programs Manager at Visual AIDS, recently published at Cineaste. Initially asked to discuss Dallas Buyer’s Club we felt we needed to take a lengthier look at the much broader phenomenon of retrospective looking at AIDS fueled by home movie images of the crisis, often shot by AIDS video activists like myself. ... read more »

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This is the nephew of a friend of mine…




Gabriel Wyn-Davies

5’ 11” tall, medium build with brown hair and green eyes. ... read more »