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The Royal Society and the Profession of Knowledge

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MCSI Technology: Wrap Up

This spring was my first attempt to helm the Munroe Center for Social Inquiry’s Speaker’s Series. This year’s theme was Technology. The Center also runs a seminar connected to the series, so each week, a small group of student-fellows also got the chance to engage intimately with the Center’s renowned visitors. ... read more »

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Home Video Returns: Media Ecologies of the Past of HIV/AIDS in Cineaste

Please see my conversation with Ted Kerr, Programs Manager at Visual AIDS, recently published at Cineaste. Initially asked to discuss Dallas Buyer’s Club we felt we needed to take a lengthier look at the much broader phenomenon of retrospective looking at AIDS fueled by home movie images of the crisis, often shot by AIDS video activists like myself. ... read more »

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This is the nephew of a friend of mine…




Gabriel Wyn-Davies

5’ 11” tall, medium build with brown hair and green eyes. ... read more »

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Watching HBO with your Parents

These HBO Go advertisements are both very funny and incredibly perceptive about the dynamics of TV watching and family togetherness.They also make me want to revisit an essay I wrote for Screen several years ago (it came out in 2012, but most of the ads I discussed were from 2010 or so) about the ways in which portable media pla ... read more »

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Pulled Pork, The Remix

We are finally, finally, in the thick of spring — the sun is out, at least some of the time, and the windows are open, at least part of the day. ... read more »

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On Open Peer Review

I highly recommend the new ADA, Publishing and Its Discontents. I haven’t read it all, but greatly enjoyed the piece on “Feminist Journal Editing,” by Lisa McLaughlin, longtime editor of Feminist Media Studies. ... read more »