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Intersections between Digital Humanities & Media Studies: ...

The time is now ripe to join the insights of decades of film and media studies with the new modes of information management, visualization, and dissemination that digital technologies are enabling. Who better to reimagine the relationship of scholarly form to content than those who have devoted their careers to studying narrative structure, representation and meaning, or the aesthetics of visuality?

Tara McPherson, Cinema Journal 48.2

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Infrastructures, Piracy, and Breakdown

I’ve recently taken to Prezi less as a presentation software and more as a space for creating visualizations -concept maps, timelines, etc – that help me work through my readings and research material. This particular visualization is inspired from a seminar presentation I prepared on Brian Larkin’s Signal and Noise: Media, Infrastructure, and Urban Life in Nigeria, a book I have encountered multiple times in the course of my grad career so far, and whose themes and methodologies speak to my own research interests quite a lot. ... read more »

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Tarek and John are Free: It’s not Your Daughter’s Facebook

Tarek Loubani and John Greyson were freed, last night, from prison in Cairo after spending 51 days in dire circumstances although never being officially charged with anything. ... read more »

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Visual Research Methods/Digital Humanities

I am gladly teaching my Visual Research Methods course again to a group of curious, lively grad students at CGU.
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The Amazing Race: Global Othering

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Fall Pilot Score Card — Week Two


Week 2 had a LOT of shows, so after noting that my reviews for Hostages, The Blacklist, Lucky 7, and The Goldbergs are elsewhere (follow the links), let’s get down to it: ... read more »

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Lisa Nakamura: Internet Shaming

I am honored to have taken on the leadership of Pitzer College’s Munroe Center for Social Inquiry for the next four years. Each year, I choose a theme, and then get to engage in public programming, as well as a related advanced seminar each Spring (led by distinguished guests). This year, the theme is Technology, and there is an amazing slate of speakers for 2014. ... read more »

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Blogger, Professor, Artist, Critic, Fan–237–Fan, Critic, Artist, ...

No way out, I’m afraid. Blog my thoughts about, Room 237, the obsessive, fun, cringe-inducing (at least for cineastes like me), self-reflexive film about films and their critics (fans? bloggers?) and thereby I’m caught in the very same maze too (and caught there with you, dear reader, writer, blogger, critic, professor?) ... read more »

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FemTechNet at DML Open Learning

I attended the DML Open Learning Symposium today and saw several inspiring presentations about scholars and activists attempting to use MOOC-like (or not) platforms to expand the reach of the classroom, the school, and media literacy. ... read more »

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Black Nerd Bullet Points