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MOOCing the Liberal Arts?

I had the opportunity to speak this past weekend with my colleague and friend, Liz Losh, about the FemTechNet DOCC2013 as part of the Gaede Institute’s yearly conversation on the Liberal Arts, this one on ... read more »

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Betting on the House

270px-House_of_Cards_title_cardMy social media feeds are practically overflowing with references to the second season of the hit Netflix series House of Cards, many of them assessing the show’s ... read more »

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Evolving Standards and Practices in Tenure and Promotion Reviews

The following is the text of a talk I gave last week at the University of North Texas’s Academic ... read more »

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Wrestling with an Angel: RIP Stuart Hall

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The Inner World of Doc McStuffins

doc-mcstuffins1“It’s just a kids show. Why do you have to read so much into it?”

With that preemptive objection behind us, and with the answer “because I’m having fun,” let’s talk about Doc McStuffins’ mental wellbeing. ... read more »

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One Moment, Waving Back

Sent by Emoze for Android


Collaborative Photograph from a train. ... read more »

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Sunny community on a sliding doors bus on a rainy morning

Due to a recent car crash I’ve had to resort to walking and/or taking the bus to work, which is a huge novelty for me.  I text my friend from the buses I take in an exaggerated mock miserable Victor Meldrew character voice, complaining about the germ filled steamed up windows and the general forced sociability of the circumstance. ... read more »

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Introduction to ’12 Years a Slave’, The Watershed – 28.1.14

[Below is a written up version of what was spoken from the head, rather than recited from a script.
Introduction given at The Watershed, Bristol, 28 January 2014, 5.30pm] ... read more »

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Blogging (as) Feminist Digital Pedagogy

Enjoying a much-deserved drink with highly-Twitterate Jesse Daniels after a few days of talk, workshops, and video dialogues in Ann Arbor about Feminist Digital Pedagogy, we were discussing the changing culture of blogging, and other social media forms in relation to our own ever-changing digital metronomes. ... read more »

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The Politics of Magic

The website for the journal Scope is currently down, so I’m re-posting my 2009 essay “The Politics of Magic” here. The Politics of Magic: Fantasy Media, Technology, and Nature in the 21st Century Abstract The 2000’s have seen an unprecedented boom in fantasy media – including hit films, games, comics and novels – and a […]