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The Tree

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Tools and Values

I’ve been writing a bit about peer review and its potential futures of late, an essay that’s been solicited for a forthcoming edited volume. ... read more »

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Feminist Tech Gift Exchange

The final for my Pitzer node of FemTechNet’s DOCC 2013 was a craftmaking/gift exchange project where my 12 students had to make something that expressed a feminist interpretation or use of technology by making something to hold and cherish and then give away.

Objectives (developed  by Anca Birzescu and Radhika Gajjala): ... read more »

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Honouring Mandela from far away – ever thankful for mediated witness

Beautiful privilege to be able to watch Hon. Nelson Mandela’s funeral live from so far away.

Lovely to see these sights and the proceedings. Much could be said about the politics, blend of cultural symbolism, religion, local and international observances… and much much more.

Respect is due to the BBC for bringing us these pictures. Truely a privilege to witness and be connected.

Taking nothing for granted…..

Blessings. ... read more »

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Binging vs. Repeating: Netflix and Children’s Media

Quick pointer to a series of articles discussing Netflix’s decision to conduct a rolling release of their animated children’s series, Turbo: F.A.S.T. Unlike Netflix’s adult dramas, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, in which all episodes of a given season were released simultaneously, Turbo F.A.S.T. ... read more »

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Evolution of the MOOCs?

I am recently returned from the 9th Annual Policy Summit, Rise of the MOOCs: Foreshadowing the Coming Transformation of Higher Education? held by the Mid-West Higher Education Compact. ... read more »

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Telescoping, Part Two: How to (Not) Watch One Million Moving Images

In my last post I argued for a form of “distant reading” that could be applied to film studies, and claimed that such a practice could be just as useful as our current close reading practices. In this post I continue this line of argumentation by considering one such way in which distant reading could take place in film studies: by analyzing systems and patterns across sets of films. ... read more »

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Media Distribution Notes

In case you missed them, I have a review of the second edition of Jeff Ulin’s book, The Business of Media Distribution, for Antenna, and ... read more »

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Buying Into Indie…

Just a quick pointer to the news that acclaimed independent filmmaker Hal Hartley has announced that he is offering a couple of new perks for people who give to the Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming film, Ned Rifle, the third in a trilogy of films including Henry Fool and Fay Grim. Namely, he is allowing supporters to collect territorial theatrical rights to the film. ... read more »