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Complex TV: Ends

I am filled with joy, relief, and many other emotions in posting the link to the final chapter of Complex TV. Not accidentally, the chapter is called Ends, and it focuses on conclusions, as well as serving as one for the book. Here’s the abstract: ... read more »

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Technology in the Classroom

It’s syllabus time again, and I’m revising my graduate-level course, “Using Technology in the Language Arts Classroom,” which I have taught several times in the past. It’s getting close to the end of summer–classes start August 22 at FSU–and I’d like to rework this syllabus a little, in part to keep it fresh but also because we have reworked the curriculum to make this course part of our professional writing certificate program, which means I’ll be addressing two very different audiences. ... read more »

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“Best” Opening Credit Sequences, Part 3: The Masses Speak


But wait: there’s more!!

When I posted a link to the first installment of this mini-series on Facebook, I got a whole bunch of recommendations and votes from friends. Partly to honor those suggestions (especially since there are a bunch I hadn’t seen), partly to record the list for future use, I thought I’d put some here. The masses speak (wherein “the masses” = my friends on Facebook. That’s how Marx defined them too, right?). Even more may, in theory, come later. ... read more »

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“Best” Opening Credit Sequences, Part 2



Continuing from the last post with my listing of some notable credit sequences, I now turn to Best Thematic Rendering. I’ve got a bunch to list, so let’s subcategorize: ... read more »

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“Best” Opening Credit Sequences, Part 1

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On the Working Vacation

As I posted a while back, I’ve been on an extended European trip th ... read more »

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Is Mad Men Feminist? Ask the Paratexts



In this post, I want to continue to examine the role that paratexts can play in setting the politics of a text. I’ll do so by asking the seemingly simple question of whether Mad Men is feminist.

  ... read more »

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SCMS 2014 Conference Panel

I’m putting together a panel for the 2014 Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference. Below I have included the description for it. Feel free to share with whomever might be interested! ... read more »

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Dr Trayvon Martin

I’m 41 years old, have a PhD, PG Cert and a BA (Hons) First degree, am married with children and a mortgage, and I am Trayvon Marton.

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Gary Younge’s article about the disgusting Zimmerman verdict, ...

Article removed “pending investigation”. Here’s the full text:

Let it be noted that on this day, Saturday 13 July 2013, it was still deemed legal in the US to chase and then shoot dead an unarmed young black man on his way home from the store because you didn’t like the look of him. ... read more »