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Catherine Grant
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Senior Lecturer in Film & Media Studies
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University of Sussex
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Catherine Grant is Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at the University of Sussex, UK. Author and editor of numerous film studies videos [1], as well as of written studies of intertextuality, film authorship, adaptation theories and world cinema, she runs the Film Studies For Free [2], Filmanalytical [3] and Audiovisualcy [4] websites and, in 2012, guest edited the inaugural issue of online cinema journal FRAMES on digital forms of film studies [5]. She is the founding editor of the REFRAME digital publishing platform [6]. Her article ‘Déjà-Viewing? Videographic Experiments in Intertextual Film Studies’, appeared in MEDIASCAPE, 2013 [7], and she recently published ‘The shudder of a cinephiliac idea? Videographic film studies practice as material thinking’ in the inaugural issue of ANIKI, 2014 [8]. She is one of the founding co-editors of [in]TRANSITION: Journal of Videographic Film and Moving Image Studies here at Media Commons [9]. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]


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