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R. Colin Tait
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Assistant Professor, Film, Television and Digital Media
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Texas Christian University
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R. Colin Tait is the co-author of The Cinema of Steven Soderbergh: Indie Sex, Corporate Lies and Digital Videotape, published by Columbia University Press in 2013. His current project, ”Robert De Niro’s Method: Acting, Authorship and Agency in the New Hollywood (1967-1980)” is the first academic study to use the newly acquired archival resource – the Robert De Niro Papers – to reassess De Niro’s significance within the Hollywood Renaissance. His essay, “Robert De Niro’s Raging Bull: A Performance of History and a History of the Performance,” appeared in The Canadian Journal of Film Studies in 2011 and a chapter devoted to the actor’s unique partnership with Martin Scorsese was published A Companion to Martin Scorsese in 2014. Other publications include work on genre cycles, television, and digital film distribution. Currently Tait is working on a book-length study of Robert De Niro in the 1970s in addition to essays on Will Ferrell, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, and Acting in Quality TV.


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