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Who Do I Blog? On (almost) 5 Years

I first blogged about five years ago (on August 21, 2007) following the always astute advise of Yvonne Welbon who was, at that time, producing a feature documentary I was making with and about my sister Antonia. ... read more »

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Miss(ing) Representation(s)

Miss Representation (Jennifer Siebel Newsom, 2011) tells a critical and true story about the relations among mainstream media and women’s political and personal power. It follows in the footsteps of decades worth of disconcerting research about women in the media that takes any of four predictable tacks that most grimly have not seemed to have changed much in the many years that feminists have been doing such research: ... read more »

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Hello Avatar! by Beth Coleman

Now that it’s summer, I can read from that precarious pile of books on my desk. First up, Hello Avatar! There is much to recommend here, but let me begin by noting Coleman’s play with design and format, a necessary and successful experimentation in the writing forms that might be better suited for scholarship on networked experience. ... read more »

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FemTechNet Invitation: Please Spread

I am hereby inviting you to a global project to activate networks of feminist artists and scholars of science and technology.

Working with Anne Balsamo (at USC), and many others, we seek international participants in a linked set of courses tentatively called: “Feminist Dialogues on Technology” to be held in the between September and December of 2013.

The networking project is currently called:  FemTechNet. ... read more »

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The Road Trip Experiment

(This is re-posted from my Online Feminist Spaces project) ... read more »

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Playing the Pain Card: The Retraction of Ira Glass

This post is late in the news cycle of this media event because I tried, unsuccessfully, to publish it as an Op Ed. Enjoy!

A few weeks ago, an unfortunate scandal played out at Pitzer College, where I am a Professor of Media Studies. At a student senate meeting, a small group of students requested the establishment of the Caucasian Culture Club. After lengthy questioning from the senators, engendering insensitive justifications, the request was denied. ... read more »

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That’s grrr, like annoying, not Riot. Cuz there’s none of that in Girls (not to mention women of color). ... read more »

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Feminist Documentary: Victim or Adventurer?

After my return from the Women, Social Justice, Documentary conference at Smith last weekend it took me awhile to name a certain disquiet that was raised for me there. Critically, my concerns had nothing to do with the strength of the presentations or the commitment of the community. It was reaffirmed for me there that: ... read more »

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Framing a Blaxicana Identity

This afternoon, my graduate student in Cultural Studies, Ana Thorne, successfully defended her dissertation, Framing a Blaxicana Identity: A Cultural Ethnography of Family, Race and Community in the Valley Homes, Lincoln Heights, Ohio, 1955-1960. It was an emotional experience: Ana turned 65 this year, and wrote compellingly in her dissertation about how the racial segregation experienced by citizens of her her all-black town, Lincoln Heights, had initially limited her access to education as a girl. Now, she’s Dr. Thorne! ... read more »

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Two Conferences: One Students’/Women’s Media Power

Home after back-to-back events where I wore one hat that just might be construed as two (an interesting slip [of the tongue] or tip [of the hat] that helps point out some of my unease with [my place in] the “Digital Humanities,” more on that to come). ... read more »