Call for Participation - February Field Guide Question


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Call for Participation

The MediaCommons Field Guide survey project is currently seeking scholars to provide responses for its February survey question. The Field Guide is an open-access hub for scholarly conversation about born-digital research, pedagogy, evaluation, publication, and community-building; a forum for touchstone issues in the digital humanities.

Each month we host a different conversation built around a core conceptual question. For our first two questions of this year's cycle (regarding intellectual property and remakes/remix), we asked contributors to comment on the roles of ownership and agency within production and in response to media. Currently, we are looking to explore these ideas in matters of social spaces and culture—those places both online and in the community where the lines between scholarship and public discourse are less distinct.  To this end, our third question for this cycle is:

“How might digital and media scholars and educators engage with the commons, both physically and online? What roles should we assume in such spaces or within such communities?”

This survey will be live from February 6th through February 24th.  While the question is live, we publish daily content (Monday-Friday) from scholars who submit responses through the Field Guide page.  If you are interested in participating, we are still seeking contributors for the final week (February 20th - February 24th).  Many scholars elect to submit an essay-form response (400-600 words); however, we also welcome multimedia, interactive, and other forms of digital submissions when compatible with the MediaCommons site. 

We have extended the CFP to Monday, January 23rd.  If you would like to contribute, please contact us soon!

In order to be scheduled for a response date, please send a brief inquiry to Alex C. Nielsen, Field Guide Coordinating Editor, at  In your inquiry, please include a response topic (this can be revised throughout the process as needed).

For more information on the MediaCommons scholarly network and its history and goals, please feel free to visit the MediaCommons website (link).   Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Alex C. Nielsen, or Dr. Avi Santo, MediaCommons’ managing editor (