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Doctor Who talk at UMF!

I’ll be presenting my Doctor Who fan video talk at UMF, Emery Community Arts Center, Performance Space, on Wednesday, October 29, 2014, from 11:45a to 1p.

Check out the great poster! Hope to see you there.

 photo hellekson-doctor-who-talk_zps2d8aeaa7.jpg ... read more »

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Worldcon talk 2014-08-18

Thanks to all who attended my Worldcon keynote, “Affirmational and Transformational Doctor Who Fan Videos.” I promised to link to the videos I showed, so here goes.

Censor clip

From “Fury From the Deep” (1968), with Oak and Quill launching a toxic gas attack against Maggie Harris. It may be found on the DW BBC DVD Lost in Time: Collection of Rare Episodes (2004). ... read more »

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Latest publications

My comp copies have arrived for my two latest publications!

Comp copies of books

The reprint anthology I coedited with Kristina Busse has been released from the University of Iowa Press:

Hellekson, Karen, and Kristina Busse. 2014. The Fan Fiction Studies Reader. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press. ... read more »

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Why I don’t teach

In a June 5, 2013, Chronicle article entitled I Don’t Like Teaching. There, I Said It., the pseudonymous Sidney Perth notes, “So if you don’t like teaching, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to like it; you just have to care about it.” Naturally Perth gets some pushback in the comments, which range from “then please do something else” to “teaching is just one part of the job of being an academic.” However, reading Perth’s post, I conclude that Perth’s reasons for not liking teaching are not my reasons. ... read more »

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Kindle Worlds and fan fiction

The Internet (and my inbox) has exploded over the last day or so as people took notice of Amazon/Kindle’s latest venture: Kindle Worlds. Amazon says excitedly, “Get ready for Kindle Worlds, a place for you to publish fan fiction inspired by popular books, shows, movies, comics, music, and games.” ... read more »

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Upgrading to Windows 8

I bit the bullet and upgraded my Windows 7 laptop to Windows 8, seduced by the promise of faster boot times and more security, not to mention its decent price. I downloaded the installer, had it check my system for compatibility, paid my money, and let the OS install. I did not bother backing up or migrating any info, because everything I care about is in my perfectly synced Dropbox account. ... read more »

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Fan Culture, ed. Larsen and Zubernis

Fan Culture book cover

Fan Culture book cover ... read more »

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Creating a fandom via YouTube

I just got my copy of the book my Verbotene Liebe essay appears in! Check out the pretty cover.

Book cover

My article is in part 2, “Constructing Identity in an Online, Cross-cultural World.” Here’s the full citation info.

Hellekson, Karen. 2012. Creating a fandom via YouTube: Verbotene Liebe and fansubbing. In New media literacies and participatory popular culture across borders, edited by Bronwyn T. Williams and Amy A. Zenger, 180–92. New York: Routledge. ... read more »

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TWC No. 9 Fan/Remix Video

Transformative Works and Cultures has released No. 9, Fan/Remix Video, guest edited by Francesca Coppa and Julie Levin Russo. This vid- and image-heavy issue makes good use of the multimedia components of an online-only environment. ... read more »

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Best SF this year!

The best SF I’ve seen this year—and admittedly it’s January 9, so there’s some time left in 2012 to go—has to be the opening credits of the 2011 David Fincher film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The imagery is drawn from the three books in the Millennium series. But it’s an incredible articulation of the melding of body and machine; in it, the heroine is seen not to be born, but rather forged: ... read more »