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In which I teach an online class

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Two very different fan productions

1. Introduction

[1.1] Two fairly high-profile transformative fan artworks hit my radar a while back, and I’m finally getting around to blogging about them. Both are firmly within fannish traditions, but they have very different sensibilities: “The Hunt for Gollum” and “Battlestar Redactica.” I encourage everyone to view them both, to compare and contrast. Both fan productions are available to view for free. ... read more »

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A review of Torchwood: Children of Earth

It goes without saying, doesn’t it? I’ll say it anyway: major spoilers. As I write this, only the first episode has aired in the USA, but this covers the full five eps. ... read more »

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Why the ending of Life on Mars US fails

My previous post on LOM US is here. ... read more »

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What to watch in British SF/F TV

1. British TV

[1.1] At the SFRA 2009 meeting the weekend of June 11, I was on a panel moderated by my fearless coeditor, Craig Jacobsen, about what to watch for SF TV. The panel was quite large, so Craig held us to a strict 2-minute time limit. He asked us to prepare remarks about which shows were must-watch shows, and why. Here, I present my choices and briefly explain what I find interesting and worthy about the shows.

[1.2] Because I am particularly interested in British TV, I staked out this area as my own, leaving the usual suspects—Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Heroes—to others. But during our panel’s conversation, I was able to articulate why I had specifically earmarked certain shows as being of interest. Sadly, it wasn’t because of the shows’ uniform excellence: some are virtually unwatchable. Rather, what I found interesting had to do with intersections of these texts with other texts. This makes sense. I am, after all, interested in shared worlds and fan artifacts, and these pro texts feel like fan works: derivative crack that says something about the originary text.

[1.3] After the jump is my roundup of fun-to-think-about shows (if not fun-to-watch shows, unless you like things that are so bad, they’re good). Several haven’t aired in the United States yet. I discuss the following: Demons, Spooks Code 9, Merlin, Ashes to Ashes, and Primeval. And I briefly mention the Doctor Who franchise: Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Sarah Jane Adventures. ... read more »

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Fandom research methods

Madeline Ashby has started a blog that aims to round up details about research going on in fandom. Interested in seeing what sorts of questionnaires researchers are using? Wondering whether someone else already taken that great idea and started a project? Fandom Research wants to be the go-to place to answer these questions. It’s early days yet for the site, but the more people who contribute, the more useful the site will be. ... read more »

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IP and Gender convention remarks

I gave my talk at the IP and Gender convention, and luckily, Rebecca Tushnet blogged the entire thing, in real time, as it was happening. You can read her summaries of everybody’s remarks here: ... read more »

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Catherine Tosenberger talks about “Supernatural”

This is cross-posted to my LJ here.

Sequential Tart’s Suzette Chan has just published an interview with acafan Catherine Tosenberger entitled “Supernatural love: Catherine Tosenberger on Sam and Dean’s transformative love story.” ... read more »

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Female fan culture and intellectual property

I’m delighted to say that I’ll be presenting at the the Sixth Annual IP/Gender Conference, “Female Fan Culture and Intellectual Property,” held in collaboration with American University’s Center for Social Media, at the American University Washington College of Law in Washington, DC. The conference runs Thursday, April 23, and Friday, April 24. More information about the conference is available here. ... read more »