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Response from Mark Cooper
December 08, 2014
Re: Watchful Consumers
Interesting post, Robert. You compare two kinds of time-space discipline that could be thought of as very different. The Taylorist one, more typically associated with work than consumption, says "hurry up, pay attention, be efficient." Then ...
Response from Jay Courson
December 08, 2014
Re: Business Hours and the Effect on Consumers
I would say that the establishments are creating the framework for the customers they attract, not the other way around. Zoe's, by having lunchtime hours and a location on Main Street is designed to attract a clientele of professionals, particularly ...
Response from Jay Courson
December 07, 2014
Re: The Advantage of Human Surveillance
The shift comes from changes in economics, demographics, social norms, and many other shifts that occur over time. I did a cursory search and believe the wall of the horseshoe was built in the 1840's. The history that has happened since those walls ...
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