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Response from Mark Cooper
December 08, 2014
Re: To See or Not To See; Which is More Effective?
I like the suggestions that “premediation” and “analysis” functions might assume different degrees of awareness of camera placement—the former suggesting an awareness that surveillance is omnipresent and ready for anything that might happen and the ...
Response from Jay Courson
December 08, 2014
Re: Business Hours and the Effect on Consumers
I would say that the establishments are creating the framework for the customers they attract, not the other way around. Zoe's, by having lunchtime hours and a location on Main Street is designed to attract a clientele of professionals, particularly ...
Response from Heidi Rae Cooley
December 07, 2014
Re: Introduction
A distinction for all of us to re-consider: prevention vs. premediation. Someone want to take this one on? Introduction (introduction, introduction) (premediation, ...
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