The Variable

Contributed by Asher Danziger media practitioner
March 29, 2011
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The Variable chronicles meditative rhythms and points of reflection felt during a sixteen hundred mile bicycle journey. This excerpt from the multi-modal book entitled The Retelling combines sound, video, still imagery and text to bring forth the inner dialogue that accompanied us. By using new media to create a world that is vast enough to become self-referential, a deepening engagement with the narrative becomes experiencable for the reader/viewer/listener.

As a person who was raised alongside digital technology, I think it is valid to question the quantity and quality of the vast intake of information in this digital age.  To make relevant old ideas such as meditation and immersive thinking one must harness them within the rhythms of the current social moment and its media. By structuring a new form based on and existing within the confines of the larger networked media, I hope to engage in conversation about the possibilities for depth within a medium that is often regarded as shallow.