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Everyday Play:

Contributed by samuel tobin
August 07, 2013
an introduction to a cluster of work via a precedent Everyday Play ...

Love and Skee-Ball

Contributed by Carly Kocurek
August 06, 2013
A meditation on Skee-Ball, ticket redemption, and relationships Everyday Play ...

Married, with children and an XBox: Compromise in Video Game Play

Contributed by Marc A. Ouellette
August 06, 2013
"You get the turret, I'll get the claymores" seems as natural "You get the kids, I'll make dinner." Everyday ...

The Everyday Play of Collaboration

Contributed by Judd Ruggill
August 06, 2013
Everyday Play   We collaborate…a lot. We have for a long time. Over the last fourteen years we have worked together on close to 50 ...
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