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hosts and produces Hear in the City
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Sara Harris is host and senior producer of Hear in the City, a local environment, arts, and education radio magazine on 90.7FM, in Los Angeles. Sara has more than a decade of experience as an audio artist and radio journalist reporting from California and Mexico. Her work focuses on immigrant communities, urban geography, land use, and environmental justice. Sara’s radio stories have been featured on Marketplace, All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Studio 360, Living on Earth, The BBC’s The World, and Mexico’s IMER national network. Sara co-founded the urban sound-mapping project: launched the Los Angeles Bureau at Youth Radio in 2003, and founded the AudioPostales cross-border radio project with youth in Mexico and the U.S. Sara holds a 2010 Masters in Specialized Journalism from USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. She continues to develop community journalism and to teach radio and multimedia journalism to youth.


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