David Archibald is Lecturer in Film and Television Studies at the University of Glasgow. His monograph The war that won’t die: the Spanish Civil War in cinema was published by Manchester University Press in 2012. In addition to work in Film Studies, he has published widely on various aspects of Scotland’s cultural and political landscape and is currently completing a monograph on Ken Loach’s working practices.

Maria A. Velez-Serna is a post-doctoral researcher in the Early Cinema in Scotland project at the University of Glasgow, and co-editor of the project’s outputs, including a collection forthcoming from Edinburgh University Press. She is also a co-ordinator of the HoMER Network (http://homernetwork.org) and organiser of its 2015 conference. She has published on Scottish and Colombian cinema history and audiences in Post-Script, Particip@tions, NECSUS, the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and TV and the International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing. From October 2015 she will be based at the University of Stirling as a research fellow working on pop-up cinemas.