• Twitter kfitz tweeted "Like @patrickgmj, could not get to sleep for anything last night. Up until after 3, jangling with the excitement of #thatcamp!" 7:51am#
  • Twitter kfitz tweeted "@mmwwah Which is to say there's No Telling what I'm up to in here." 11:58pm#
  • Twitter kfitz tweeted "@mmwwah Me checking in without a suitcase and then having one delivered to me out front 30 mins later, at 12.45 am." 11:57pm#
  • Twitter kfitz tweeted "In other news, vaguely certain that the hotel front desk staff think some illicit business is being conducted in my room." 11:42pm#
  • Twitter kfitz tweeted "Yay, I have a suitcase! This will make all. the. difference. At least to those around me tomorrow!" 11:40pm#