• Twitter kfitz tweeted "@captain_primate I definitely hear that - I spent 11 yrs split btw 2 depts, and we never get TAs. But we are lucky to have small classes!" 3:40pm#
  • Twitter kfitz tweeted "@captain_primate I get that. I frown on them too, but SHEESH already." 3:25pm#
  • Twitter kfitz tweeted "@captain_primate One word for you: Scantron. (Seriously, you are a better man than I; there's no way I could manage that.)" 3:16pm#
  • Twitter kfitz tweeted "@janineutell DT is another info mgt tool, in some ways way more powerful than Evernote (contextual searching etc), but maybe a bit too much." 10:52am#
  • Twitter kfitz tweeted "@mamamusings Your post that mentioned Evernote on the iPad has me thinking about switching. DT is super powerful, but w/too much overhead." 10:51am#