• Twitter kfitz tweeted "Worthy advertises the NEH FDHC program. But... there just aren't anywhere near enough of those fellowships to meet the need! #NITLE" 11:08am#
  • Twitter kfitz tweeted "Worthy Martin: how could IATH collab w/ the #NITLE community? (Oh, do I have ideas about this: SLAC fac desperately need DH center support!)" 11:04am#
  • Twitter kfitz tweeted "In #NITLE session on digital humanities & the liberal arts; Worthy Martin leading off discussing IATH & its mission at UVa." 11:01am#
  • Twitter kfitz tweeted "@billwolff Yup!" 10:25am#
  • Twitter kfitz tweeted "@billwolff Thanks! I'm hoping in the next year to be able to establish a system to help other folks who want to create such portfolios..." 10:14am#


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