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Sitcom map, etc.

NYC Sitcom Map by Dan Meth. (via)

Christoph Niemann’s “My Life With Cables” in the NYT diagnoses a pervasive info-age problem in vivid pictures. ... read more »

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Stringer, etc.

Idris Elba, Stringer Bell from The Wire, interviewed on Fresh Air. (To appear on The Office.)

The Watcher on the much-anticipated sixth episode of Dollhouse, which is supposed to introduce a different, more Whedonesque, tone compared to 1-5. Seems unfortunate to start with more than a month of not-so-hot episodes (actually I have liked most of them), but we all must Trust Joss. ... read more »

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Google, etc.

Google’s Marissa Mayer on Charlie Rose about where Google’s ideas come from and what to expect in the future.

Maybe not news to you, but you can learn incredibly random crap from checking in now and then with Google’s Hot Trends.

Why Facebook fears Twitter. ... read more »

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One of my favorite shows right now is Damages, on FX. It’s funny that I like it because I find the plot really hard to follow. Sometimes at the end of an episode I have no idea what happened. The characters’ motivations are often obscure. ... read more »

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I doubt this is really the television of the future, but it is fun to look at. ... read more »

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Kindle, etc.

A new, improved Kindle. At $359 this still seems still to be aimed at early adopters and rich folks. I want one that sells for $79 and lets me save books as text files that I can export to my computer so that I can Apple-F to find what I want from them efficiently while writing. Maybe they would sell more content with a more affordable and usable device, but without DRM of course some users would share rather than buy. ... read more »

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Pop/art, etc.

Peter Schjeldahl in The New Yorker on Shepard Fairey, who apparently “embraces a trend in what the critic Dave Hickey has called ‘pop masquerading as art, as opposed to art masquerading as pop’” (i.e., pop art). I have to think about that one. ... read more »

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Hulu, etc.

Let’s see if I understand the Hulu/Boxee story: the TV networks don’t want you to watch TV on the internet on your TV? I don’t know how that’s going to work out for them long-term. ... read more »

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Pirates drive this bus around Sweden ... read more »