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Oscar predix, etc.

Nate Silver’s Oscar predictions. I would like to know how his computations would have predicted earlier years’ awards. (Btw, I predicted Milk would win best pic when I saw it a month ago. Today I’m not predicting.)

Jill Krementz’s photos of John Updike. I love him jumping rope and standing over his PC.

Law & Order art from Brandon Bird. ... read more »

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30 Rock, etc.

Videogum textual analysis of 30 Rock with hidden secret meanings.

Jezebel: TatianaTheAnonymousModel explains the SI swimsuit issue from the perspective of a flat-chested but knowledgeable fashion model. (Side note for pedants: anonymous and pseudonymous are often synonymous). ... read more »

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Long may you illumine space

On the occasion of my birthday today, which I proudly share with Abe Lincoln, Charles Darwin, and Judy Blume, some of my nearest and dearest gave me a copy of Frank O’Hara’s Meditations in an Emergency, which I have wanted to read ever since it appeared as a motif in the second season of Mad Men. ... read more »

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TV Binge

I have a new Flow column up today about binging on television. Here’s a snip: ... read more »

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Faves, 2008

As always, at the end of the year one has trouble remembering anything that happened in the early months. I don’t know if I even saw any new movies before the spring (aside from the Oscar-season movies of ‘07 seen last January, which we certainly don’t need to think about now), and the writers strike killed much of the TV season. Film consumption in ‘08 for me was mainly older movies I was writing about, and much of the TV consumption was binges of seasons several years in the past (mainly The Wire and Six Feet Under). ... read more »

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